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Child Support

Child support is money paid by one parent to the other to help care for and provide a home for the parties’ children.

Child support is set utilizing a state mandated guideline or through an agreement of the parties. The amount of child support paid is modifiable until the children reach the age of majority. If the parties cannot reach an agreement the court inputs information in a program called DissoMaster which is authorized by the state to calculate child support.

The amount of support paid is modifiable when there is a change in any of the factors used to set support. If the parties reached an agreement that was not based on the formula, the order can be modified any time one of the party’s wishes to have the order set utilizing the guideline.

There are actually three parts to a child support order. There is the amount of support, unreimbursed medical expenses and daycare. In most instances the parties will each pay one half of unreimbursed medical expenses and one half of work or educationally related child care.

There are times the Department of Child Support Services may be involved. They will be involved if the custodial parent is receiving cash aid or if they are asked to assist in setting, enforcing and collecting child support. They can assist at no cost.

The process can be confusing. Many times people are not sure what documents to bring to court and/or do not understand the program utilized to calculate support. An attorney can help to ensure the court has all the necessary information and that the calculation is accurate.

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