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It's Time We Changed What Divorce Often Feels Like


Because there has to be an alternative to the pain


Divorce inforgraphicA marriage has ended, but why should the ensuing divorce be so devastating? Increasingly those who work with parting couples are asking that very question.

Unfortunately in todays society divorce is a fact of life for about one half of all marriages.

When relationships end there is personal trumoil, diminished self esteem, persistent hostility and reduced productivity. All of these lead to strained relationships between the spouses and the children.

There is an alternative - Collaborative Practice.

Collaborative Practice is built on mutual problem solving. In this process the parties pledge, in writing, to work toward an agreement without going to court. Collaborative Practice also offers an expanded team of professionals such as divorce coaches, child specialists, and financial consultants.

Divorce is a significant life event. The Collaborative approach focuses on resolution and helping families be able to peacefully transition to a new life.


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